Unveiling VERLO: The Future of Image-Guided Cell Sorting

This presentation introduces the VERLO™ Image-Guided Cell Sorter from NanoCellect. VERLO integrates advanced image-guidance technology with cell sorting, enhancing precision and efficiency. The system captures images of individual cells, providing spatial information such as cell morphology and marker localization. Enhanced resolution imaging capabilities allow for the visualization and analysis of subcellular structures and spatial variations in brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescent images. VERLO’s gating strategy incorporates imaging features to define cell phenotypes, increasing the precision of cell sorting. The system combines low-pressure microfluidics with single-cell image acquisition to measure a multitude of features from cell images, generating comprehensive multivariate datasets.

Applications of VERLO include:

  • Label-free cell structure analysis
  • Investigation of cell-cell interactions
  • Study of nuclear translocation
  • Cell organelle staining.
This presentation will delve into the technological details and potential applications of the VERLO, allowing researchers to study cells in their physiologically relevant state in downstream processes.