From limiting dilution to monoclonal cell lines: Optimizing the CLD process with microfluidic cell sorting

Single-cell selection and cloning are required for bioengineering workflows such as antibody production, cell therapy, gene editing, and drug discovery studies. These applications typically require single-cell cloning to ensure that the colonies are monoclonal. With the FDA regulating clonal derivation, the method used for single-cell isolation has become important to isolate cells of interest with high fidelity and avoid using multiple cloning rounds, ensuring that a colony has a single-cell origin.

This webinar highlights:

  • Challenges wen using the limiting dilution method for CLD
  • The importance of sheath buffer and cloning media formulation to preserve cell viability
  • Cell line outgrowth of different sorted cells including Jurkat, HEK293, MCF-7, A549, and CHO