Plant Potential: Gentle Cell Sorting for Enhanced Plant Biology Workflows

Plants are fundamental to our health and nutrition and provide numerous important natural medicines, many of which are yet to be discovered. A significant challenge in plant biology is that while plants are multicellular, many of the discoveries that need to be made require the isolation and/or enrichment of single plant cells. Gentle cell sorting is a useful tool to increase the efficiency of plant biology workflows that include gene characterization and function, proteomics and transcriptomics, single-cell genomics, improved cell line development through gene editing or gene engineering, and double haploid production for breeding of superior cultivars. 

Sorting plant protoplasts and microspores as well as organelles, such as chloroplasts and nuclei, is challenging with conventional cell sorters due to high sample pressures, shear stress and osmotic changes which damage cells making them unusable for downstream applications. The microfluidic WOLF G2® Cell Sorter supports cell viability and membrane integrity by using low sample pressure and customizable sheath fluid.   

This webinar highlights:

  • Challenges to sorting plant cells on traditional fluorescence-activated cell sorters
  • The importance of customized sheath fluid and low sample pressure to preserve plant cell viability
  • The ability of the WOLF G2 to enrich and sort protoplasts, nuclei, and embryogenic microspores, which regenerate into haploid plants