Optimizing Clonal Outgrowth Using Gentle Microfluidic Cell Sorting

This seminar will review the advantages of microfluidic cell sorting with the WOLF and WOLF G2 in cell line development (CLD). Traditionally, CLD is done with limiting dilution but this process is laborious and not efficient. With the WOLF operating at 2 psi, the microfluidic sorting platform is gentle to cells and offer unparalleled advantages in sorting fluorescence labeled single cells over limiting dilution.

We will discuss:

- Why limiting dilution leads to low efficiency for cell line development.
- A case study with HEK 293 and shows that HEK 293 cells can achieve over 74% monoclonal outgrowth with the WOLF G2.
- A case study with suspension CHO cell line to show that media formulation optimization can increase monoclonal outgrowth to 91%.